This is NOT a BEAUTY post|ART on #dailytutliputli with Irina Gache & Raluca Roşu

The current project hosted on is actually a BIG SELF-PORTRAIT of Raluca Roşu, at first not even intentional and/or conscious and now fully conscious and especially intentional (!). I talked about it every chance I got: interviews & all other sorts of press. Of course, this means that it encompasses many other sub-projects, some connected between each other & others completely independent. I am human after all, so you get many of my dimensions. Having assumed the status of a public person since 2012, I still like to think I control the quantity and manner in which I manifest my otherwise private aspects of my life into the PUBLIC SPHERE – be it InRealLife and mostly on the WORLD WIDE WEB. Important note: follow whatever speaks to you; we’re striving to deliver myself in the BEST & MOST HONEST WAY POSSIBLE.


What I cannot control are the interpretations & misinterpretations, the projections we all make. Most importantly, I cannot control being reduced to certain aspects of myself, based on people’s interests. For some, I will always be just that girl who does vintage & second hand good or the one with the cool styling skills & pics. The WOMAN, the feminist, the gender fluid person, the writer, the philosophy student, the activist, the artist, that girl who did not get over NYC and all the other layers & manifestations I have yet to discover or are about to be born through experiencing the world day by day.


Whenever I work with visual artist & female photographer extraordinaire Irina GacheI discover exactly those new layers & manifestations I was just writing about. This time the result is a series of portraits exploring my relationship with myself and the inevitable contradictions and inner conflicts. The medium is not just the IMAGE. At a certain level, all of these words & reflections so far started from trying to introduce the photographs and end up becoming part of the self-reflection.The mirror is kind this time. Thankfully.


Irina writes as well. She actually sent me a poem for us along with these images.










“We stay, even when it hurts,

We hide,
We run,
We get back,
We speak
We’re silenced
But we never give up
We’re the ones who know the truth
We’re the ones who lived on other sides
We’re the spirits that will find their bodies
Welcoming them after a battle we should never have fought
The battle against our Self.
For now, forever, what’s real is our strength 
To stand and move.
An ode to the wounded fractured souls
Will echo through time and space.” (Irina Gache, Octombrie 2017)


Photography by Irina Gache

Model, muse Raluca Roşu

Poem by Irina Gache

Text, styling & MUA by Raluca Roşu

A #dailytutliputli project with a female Romanian artist based in Bucharest

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  1. Gnossienne says:

    Eu sunt unul dintre oamenii care îți interpretează intens persoana. Poate greșesc și eu, nu am de unde să știu! Dar pentru mine, fiindcă îți urmăresc cu atenție postările, toate dimensiunile enumerate fac parte din tine. Pentru mine, stilul tău vestimentar, gustul tău pentru frumos, sunt o expresie a simțului tău estetic, al felului tău unic de a interpreta frumusețea, stilul, moda.

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