Wearing Oana Lupaș @Glamour Street Fashion Show 2017



1st: I created an outfit for Glamour Street Fashion Show 2017 with 2 key pieces from Romanian female designer Oana Lupaș, based in Cluj. It all began with her splendid leather trench coat and leather ample high waisted skirt. These two items were love at first sight. The red patent leather boots with the red tights, vintage turtleneck & burgundy vintage gloves made Oana Lupaș’s poetry rhyme even better. 

2nd: I walked on that runway with confidence and pride, as I was part of #TeamOutsiderz, representing common beliefs with fashion blogger and dear friend Patricia Luiza Blaj. It was all about diversity there, from race to sexuality, height, ability, weight & so on. We went home with the big prize when Magda Coman snatched the 1st place, with votes both from you & the jury. #thankyouforyourlove #togetherwestand



To quote Patricia: 

“I stand by my belief. Fashion is for everybody. Style is a wonderful way of self expression. If you don’t care much about it, that’s fine. However, if you do, you have the right to go crazy and wear whatever the hell you want, no matter what anyone has to say about it. So, grab that crazy, shiny outfit you’ve been afraid to wear, cause the revolution is here!”

Photography by Vivian Dünger & Emil Costruț



Left: Sonia Salomie



Last but not least, I was happy to be part of something meaningful. Also, if fashion is not revolutionary, then I do not know what more we are expecting in the realm of self-expression, originality and diversity. 

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