20s muse: an exercise in reenactment

I am happy to present a collaboration with two talented Romanian women: make-up artist Malvina Ișvan and hair stylist Andreea Constantin. It is true that I have been considered for quite some time a muse from the past or an anachronic figure both due to my passion for vintage clothing and my keen attraction for drama and creating characters around here.

I finally went for a 20s reenactment and the result is something still wearable and with a personal touch. From the point of view of both the model and the stylist, I can honestly say that the overall aesthetic is both fresh and nostalgic and does really good justice to my silent movies heroine persona and to the 20s glamorous era. This could not have been possible without the great skills of the women I worked with. Important note: I am very proud when I am part of all female teams and this project was one of those impressive experiences.

The 3 looks we created are ALSO very ready-to-wear during the holidays season. The first one can go even for a dramatic Christmas party, but if you’re feeling shy…you can take notes at least for the New Year’s Eve party. Enjoy yourselves!

As for myself, this editorial is just another proof that ‘go big or go home’ comes very natural to me.

Happy holidays!

1. Lanvin dress and grandma shoes 

Raluca rosu 2

Raluca rosu

Raluca rosu 3


2.  Vintage Yves Saint-Laurent white shirt & Viv’s bow tie

SZT_2593 small


3. Great Gatsby goes Tutli-Putli or the other way around


SZT_2677 small


Photography by Malv Ișfan

Model & stylist: Raluca Roșu

Wearing vintage & second hand outfits 

MUA by Malv Ișfan

Hair by Andreea Constantin

Location: Glow Beauty Bar

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