#yoursdaily: Winter 2017/2018

We can all agree that there is no reason or rhyme to what has been going on so far when it comes to weather. Christmas felt like the first day of Spring, snow is something we’re not sure it’s there or ever gonna be. We’ll probably get our surprises in March. You know the drill and I hate to talk about the weather.

However, I do have to talk about it today as it has affected mt styling options like crazy. One day I am in a trench coat with sneakers & the other I have my rain boots, woolen scarf around my neck and still freezing. Enough complaining. I got the chance to explore more styling possibilities precisely because of these abrupt changes and the #yoursdaily for this winter is more diverse than ever. So…thank you, I guess. Still, glaciers are melting, thou shalt not forget! 

WE shall start with January 2018 and probably go as far back as when we left it in the article This Fall on Instagram, meaning November 2017. Let the games begin!

  1. January 2018

I heard them say Don't dwell on what Has passed away Or what is yet to be Yeah the wars they will Be fought again The holy dove She will be caught again. – #LeonardCohen, Anthem (song) 🕊 ••• There is no such thing as ABSOLUTE freedom in this world, yet it is an #ideal and #idea worth fighting for; for yourself. Start with #freedom as #freedomofthought and this is attainable through critical thinking. They don't teach that in school really & it is not only about #Romania here. Never idealize a place a space a country just because some things are working better there than here. Also, do not close your eyes in front of the harsh realities of our home country; friendly advice! May you find the strentght to admit you are not unbreakable and let others in, with both care and carefulness. Together we can become who we really were in the first place, once #peerpresure is replaced with understanding. As Cohen sings in #Anthem: There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in. LET LIGHT IN. Where there's darkness there will be light & where there's light, there will be darkness. You do not need to pick a side, your #humanity and #life always happens in the space between, anyways.| #theholydove ••• Photography by #visualartist @vivisectie | Model & styling: #ralucarosu #aestheticscreator| #dailytutliputli #yoursdaily #Iwrite #Bucharest #January 2018 • #viviandünger #bw #fashionphotography #vsco #vscocam 🎬

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We're starting #Monday with this #funky preview 🖤 | #dailytutliputli #yoursdaily ••• You know that I go for #secondhand, #vintage, #recycled and/or #previouslyworn clothes when it comes to my first choice for my #wardrobe. However, I also love #Romaniandesigners and local brands & I'm always ready to wear and to spread the word about them. This #streetstyle & #outfitoftheday shot features almost exclusively second hand and vintage pieces. You know about the #new @pepejeans sunnies already 😎. ••• You will find out SOON more about the awesome #boots. #funkyfain #Romanianbrand #carefullycrafted by hand ● These boots are definitely made for walking; especially during cold cold #winter. ••• Photography by @vivisectie #visualartist Model & styling: #ralucarosu #aestheticscreator #Bucharest #viviandünger #January 2018

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Sometimes there's just sun, great weather, great style, great time & gratefulness. This picture was taken due to my chasing of the sun every chance I get, especially during #winter. I enjoyed a walk with @vivisectie in our favorite park in #Bucharest 2 weeks ago. Today was a great day and I could not think of a better visual equivalent to it. The #yoursdaily project is 2 years old already & I am learning to be proud of myself for the things I do good. This does not mean that there is no more work to be done, as life is all about becoming over and over again. Here's to realising how great we can all be and to treating ourselves right to start with! I am experiencing a new #feeling about myself & my life which is hard to express in words, but it feels #great. I am done just surviving from one emotional storm to another for now. There is a lot to process still, but I am in no rush. Turns out fashion can be therapeutic, but more about this soon. #dailytutliputli #ootd Photography by #visualartist #viviandünger Styling by #ralucarosu #aestheticscreator #January 2018 | #leopard print #fauxfur | #vintage & #secondhand look, except the @asos silver boots ❄

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Winter in #Bucharest captured by the talented #visualartist @vivisectie | It is possible to look good & be warm, especially if you wear #secondhand & #vintage. However, I stay open and I love these silver boots from @asos & the yellow #Beatgeneration hipster #eyewear from the Romanian seaside, namely #VamaVeche. We miss the Black Sea in August, but I would not mind a visit even in #January 2018. These days I am marching to the beat of my own drum, taking it slowly, taking care of myself and the one I love, eating healthier, enjoying the sun when it finally makes its appearance, going to therapy and getting the "work" done, setting healthy boundaries, for the sake of my own #body and #psyche. I let #love in, as #NickCave sings, Viv's #birthday is just around the corner. I also cknowledge the necessity of being aware of what is going on in the world, I stay informed and I act when #action is necessary. Of course, these are the good parts and I should be proud of them, of myself. However, all this is the result of a constant struggle, mainly with myself & the "others" within me telling me I am not good enough, I'll never make it or things like nothing really matters. I take each #victory, no matter how small, as a step forward or #towards a better life, in quality not in quantity. | #dailytutliputli #yoursdaily #ootd #lookoftheday | #styling by #ralucarosu #aestheticscreator #Bucharest | love you, love us, V. ❤ | #winter | #fashionblogger 🎬

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2. December 2017

PARK LIFE ☆ Today felt like Spring, but I decided to think about it as the end of Fall, so I won't feel dissapointed when it will start feeling more like #winter & #January. I enjoyed this day to the fullest nevertheless and me & loverboy @vivisectie literally chased the #sun all afternoon in our favorite #park. #Bucharest can feel good & nice or rather you can enjoy life in many places if you let yourself be impressed by seemingly little things, like ducks on the #lake playing with water, people walking their cute dogs, etc. I am not saying you can do this every time you wish, because as I once wrote in a caption to a 2015 #ootd @instagram post, sometimes just getting out of bed and stepping outside is a victory! I am against #selfhelp you can do it propaganda and I understand suffering: mental aflictions should be taken as seriously as physical ones. Romania is way behind in its system of beliefs about #mentalhealth, so solutions are not many. For me, this picture just captures a moment in time, fleeting, yet happy. We walked and talked until sunset, we managed to be present as much as possible. We did some work too, #fashionphotography & such, but used technology at a minimum: 2 phone calls & a quick #photoshoot. No internet, just #conversation with each other and loved ones over the phone. Tomorrow is a different day, but here's to hoping. If you are not coping, try to ask for help. If you just can't deal with the world, then don't & no guilt. Pushing yourself can lead to long term damage. #loveyourself #togetherwestand #togetherweUNDERSTAND • #dailytutliputli #yoursdaily #aestheticscreator • 2018

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3. November 2017

"You can imagine the happiness and hope I was filled with when told that Wanda Hutira (@que_nais) had decided to paint another work of art over the #vandalizaed one. I felt that standing for something you believe in is not only liberating, but it can have real consequences in real life. This is not about me, though. Wanda Hutira is the one who gave us another work of art, saying “N-am învățat nimic.” (ENG: We did not learn a thing.) When she posted on social media about it, she captioned the image: There, I fixed it. Indeed she fixed it, but did so much more. Some men occupying #women‘s #safespaces and silencing us is nothing new. However, if we stand together, we can actually make #change happen. Wanda decided to take back her space and with this gesture it felt like she opened a space for us all. So, #thankyou. | #togetherwestand #feminismisforeverybody #femaleartists #maleartists #InaRelationship & #SafeSpaceMURAL by @ffff.ro & @avonspace | #dailytutliputli #writer| read the #article on @wearetheoutsiderz ( link in bio) | #photography by @vivisectie | #styling by #ralucarosu #yoursdaily | #Bucharest | #November 2017 | #art by @que_nais (right) & @livi.po (left) • #wandahutira

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We just got back from #Cluj. This is a #latergram of an #ootd @vivisectie took. We went there for an #academic conference. I had my presentation on #Saturday ( about Plato/ philosophy as a #wayoflife) & it went smoothly. I am in my 3rd year of my #doctorate in #philosophy & my 9th in philosophy. I don't want to keep things separate anymore. I won't go for a career in the #academia, but philosophy is a lifetime thing for me. We stayed at our friends' place (@emilcostrut & @wearetheoutsiderz) with 3 lovely #cats + with our now #nephew @thealexanderwhite. They opened their home & hearts once again for us. It felt so natural & it is always natural when it comes from them. We feel lucky & thankful for having these 3 talented, warm, intelligent and profoundly #beautiful human beings in our lives. #wearefamily | I mixed #philosophy with #fashion while in #Cluj. My heart beats in the rythm of both. You should know this about me. 🌹 🐱💓| #dailytutliputli #yoursdaily | #fashionblogger #fashionphotography | #styling by #ralucarosu | #berets #secondhand pieces, except the @asos #silver #boots| @ysl #shirt , @consignatia7 #leather #pants | #November 2⃣0⃣1⃣7⃣💃🍂⬆

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