V Day: value yourself & I love Viv day, mmkay?

This is us. We are people in love & we also love each other deeply. Love happens every day & we celebrate our love every chance we get. This picture speaks volumes about us as a couple. We are a #powerfulcouple rather than just a #powercouple. We are mostly good for each other, personally & professionally. #wecreate. For love not to fade, you just have to never give up on each other. Easier said than done. We are spending this day together with a dear friend. Friendship is about love & deep #humanconnection too. Always take part in love because it’s worth it; you’ll suffer, you’ll give yourself time, you’ll fall in love again. Put yourself first (VITAL) & then you’ll go along with your life not thinking “no to love.”, but neither “yes to any love I’m offered”. Participate in love, if you feel like it. Celebrate yourself or others if you feel like celebrating. Do whatever makes you feel good. Skip the day altogether. It is your choice, not society’s. We’re skipping the obnoxious “this is what you do on February 14th” part. Yet, we cannot skip our love: that’s just us. | #morereality#lessSoapOpera #morehappy #youdoyou #loveyourselfday, mmmkay? 🌹💖🔊🔊🔊 (February 14th, 2018) #Iwrite



we both cut our hair yesterday ( by Costa Stavrositu) so we NOW look very much like in this picture we took last year

Vivian (#visualartist) on Insta: www.instagram.com/vivisectie

Raluca ( #aestheticscreator) on Insta: www.instagram.com/dailytutliputli

This is your day, this is OUR DAY like any other day in the calendar (time is linear = fiction). It happens to be February 14th 2018, yes, but you don’t need to acknowledge it in the way society and some brands need you too. There is tradition behind it, true. Yet what we see around us is mostly noise and uselessness, poorly designed balloons & stuffed toys & poorly shaped hearts, devoid of any profound meaning. You give meaning to each and every single moment of your life. Never let yourself be defined by your so-called ‘relationship status’. Single does not necessary mean alone and for sure it does not have to mean unhappy. In a relationship does not automatically mean you’re happy go lucky & never lonely. The most unbearable loneliness is the one we feel while surrounded by people. Take your time. This is just another day, if you need to see it like this. Stay in if you hate the display of what-to-do-on-V-day. Go out if you want, the world should be your oyster. Don’t ask for permission or approval when your wellbeing is at stake. Most importantly, always take my (well-intended) words with a grain of salt, as I am only sharing what I’ve seen and known so far. Little personal ‘truths’ or temporary conclusions. If you find any of this useful or soothing, I couldn’t be happier. If you don’t, that’s fine too. I am still on my way towards myself & I do what I know/think/feel makes me happy. Happy (according to Miss Tutli-Putli): a state of mind which has a lot to do with being/becoming more at ease with myyself, with my past; more aware of my present joys & reasons to be thankful for & less worried about what “bad” things the future might hold for me.

That’s just me. Vivian & me & that’s reality.

cc: John Lennon – God

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