#yoursdaily – February & March 2018

I usually do this “Instagram visits dailytutliputli.com” seasonally & it never exceeds the limit of 3 months, as a NORMAL season should be in Bucharest, Romania.

I should have been able to draw a line in February when it came to this winter, but we had all sorts of seasons (depending on the week & sometimes on the day) starting December 2017 and ending… in March 2018, PEOPLE! However, for the purpose of not putting you through the torture of scrolling too much, I shall only deal today with 2 months, very fruitful anyways.

You already know how it goes: we put outfits with the hashtag #yoursdaily in these kinds of posts & they usually reveal the styles I approached during a limited period of time.

For Winter 2017/2018 you’ll get a mess and a confusion of layers or lack thereof. This is the 2nd part. For November/December 2017 – January 2018 follow the link here.

You know, global warming is really taking its toll, so don’t start blaming me. At least I am buying second hand clothes – which means less waste, recycling, etc. This is not a blame game and in very important ways we are all guilty of glaciers melting. 

Because it was all just…really…random…we’ll start with March and go down until we reach let’s say…the very first day of February. It was more Springtemps back then than it was last week, so…

P.S: as you may have noticed, my captions have became small pieces of literature, so feel free to revisit the #Iwrite project while you’re at it. The words are already there. Let’s begin our trip on the sartorial and literature lane!

Also, here’s to hoping that our next post while be next to a Magnolia tree or at least…between ANY blossomed trees, mmmkay?

March 2018

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Model off duty 🤹‍♂️ | this is me walking around with @vivisectie, feeling happy about yesterday night & actually celebrating this literally blissful #trenchcoat weather in #Bucharest. 💛 | My therapist said I should think what #joiedevivre means for me & to be more careful when analyzing my feelings when it comes to what happens in my life. Some things make me happy & I am rather OK considering all there is to life. No, not only for me, for everybody. #pointofview • Wasn't #Nietzsche who said there are NO #facts, only #interpretations? Yesterday was good although it was Tuesday, #March 13. #superstition • Looking back at the week that just passed & the one which started this Monday, I can say: #prettygooddays. • I still worry & anticipate the worst, but I am truly doing my best in seeing life from a more generous #perspective. It's the least I can do. I don't think therapy is about fooling yourself, quite the opposite. Management of day to day life, that's what #therapy is about, taking it slowly, understanding your own #rythm and less feeling guilty or always feeling the fury & dissatisfaction of always being in a hurry. • Life happens faster than social media, this thought just dawned on me today. That's great, you know, when you have so many things to be #thankful for that your #feed cannot keep track of it. I am not delusional, I am just paying more attention to what is going on around me and from where I stand, I am doing just fine. Forget about perfection & the glorification of busy. • #Iwrite • #dailytutliputli #yoursdaily #ootd #styling by #ralucarosu #aestheticscreator • #fashionphotigraphy by #viviandünger #visualartist • #vintage #secondhand • #togetherweUNDERSTAND #togetherwestand #nostigma • I AM MORE THAN A DIAGNOSIS. Stop looking for a #cureitall & focus on what works for you & pay attention to when & why u're feeling & getting better. #friendlyadvice #youarenotalone • #mentalhealth ✔✔✔

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& I had a dream about my hometown (…) came to weeping 🍃 #florenceandthemachine I dream many dreams about a home I can still return to, but from which I ran & still run every chance I get. I miss my mother, that is the actual problem. We don't see each other often enough. I wish she were closer, yet we are closer & know each other better than many mother/daughters. I would visit all the cities in this world with her. She is a true fighter, day to day, all in, no compromise, brains, no uncessary fuss, beautifully fantastic. She is the one parent who actually watched me & supported me become the woman I am now. We can't see each other right now, no matter how much we want to. Sometimes you cannot handle the depth & intensity of such a relationship, so you stay away and wait. We both wait for something to change while putting our shoulder to the wheel. What was past, what was lost – last it shall remain. Life beats inside her rather than her heart and with each throb she gets stronger. She cries. I cry. Big deal. We express our emotions loud and clear. She laughs, I laugh. She loves #Bucharest, I'd love to have her here. My point: I am processing, as always & yes, it all comes down to the past but mostly how you can move past it & live for today and tomorrow. Nobody is a pro at Life, but we can at least give our best try. This is mine, mum. I know you are lovingly proud & you don't think I should be asking for anyone's approval. So, I write, I carefully select clothes in order to express myself & Viv is here to protect & create together with me the best stories we can tell. The rest is just noise & literally history. | styling by #dailytutliputli #yoursdaily • photography by @vivisectie #visualartist • #ralucarosu #aestheticscreator, vintage & second hand queen • #boots from @dear.hunters & #leatherjacket from @consignatia7 + @polaroid eyewear from @optiblu_romania | #buylocal #March 2017

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February 2017

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Strange weather, new mouth piece #ivory | #fashionphotography by @vivisectie #visualartist • #styling & model: #ralucarosu #aestheticscreator • #vintage silk scarf, #secondhand coat, #fauxfur collar & thrifted gloves from @buffaloexchange, Washington D.C., #USA. The @polaroid #eyewear works just fine, really f i n e in this #portrait. (via @optiblu_romania 😎) | This is a picture V. took after I arrived home, having finished some errands & doing some shopping in #Bucharest. I do the talk & I walk the walk. This is #yoursdaily & #yourstruly: if you run into me, you'll see for yourself. It takes courage to be who you really are most of the time & we like to capture these moments anyways. They serve as proof: this is how I express myself through clothing & accessories (!), not just a persona devoid of meaning and devoid of "me". So, this is me a couple of days ago, hitting the town #daily. After I take off the actual clothes, the style does not fly away, because it is fundamentally mine as my skin is mine. Skin is fragile, but skin is also protecting my muscular tissue, my veins, my flesh – a deeper sense of who I also am. •○● #strong & #vulnerable are not mutually exclusive! ••• #thankyouforsmoking #dailytutliputli #theladyISaHUMANBEING • as real as it can get • #curated without it being artificial • a person with her masks, yet not a #mask with NO person(ality) behind 😉 • this is a BIG part of who I am; nice meeting YOU! – Who are YOU? Who are we? No such thing as #trueself or #truth. There is such a thing called #authenticity. Obsolete? Genuinely yours, Raluca Roșu. #muse & such 📷📸👥

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Let's call this outfit " Trying to feel better about fighting a nasty cold, took 2 tablets of Tylenol so I could go second hand shopping because that's my fix; yes, it worked." 📸 #dailytutliputli #yoursdaily 🎉 ▪▪▪ I took a risk last Sunday & I met a dear friend of mine who happened to be sick. I traded safety from a cold/flu with some good ol' real #humanconnection. I must admit, I hoped my body would be fine. I started feeling under the weather on Tuesday & I had to face the fact that while I am strong, I am not invincible and cannot control life anyways. ▪▪▪I couldn't work/do the things I wanted so I finally started acting accordingly to my physical state on Wednesday. Pills, hot tea, bed rest. I hate to be sick, but I persevered. Turns out, I did not ACTUALLY get sick. I missed some deadlines. It's fine though. Better be at my best when working than delivering something mediocre. #thisiswhoIam #cutyourselfsomeslack ▪▪▪On Friday I was emotionally fragile, but I let the good weather help me. I accepted help from V. too. He knows how to take care of me. YET, I still felt uneasy in the afternoon. I put together this "in your face"/ "I'm gonna get you, cold!" #ootd and went for a walk by myself. FULL disclosure: I needed the attention on the streets of #Bucharest, even if it came in the form of laughter/ridicule. I had to get out of the house. ▪▪▪ I said " I am just gonna go looking, not buy anything" which is code for: "I will end up buying more #secondhand clothes than I can carry." ▪▪▪@vivisectie knew what would happen, so he came to pick me up, gentle and understanding. He stopped me from feeling guilty about how much I spent & about the fact that I don't have space anymore for all THESE clothes. He offered to help me reorganize my closet(s). ▪▪▪ He took this cool picture. I needed a little warm shower of #narcissism. Human, all too human. | #fashionphotography by #viviandünger #styling by #ralucarosu #aestheticscreator | #fauxfur 🎬| #February 2018| head to toe #vintage, second hand #lookoftheday, except the @pepejeans #eyewear 😎 | #peach #lingerie 🍑| vintage @reebok sneakers 💗

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Music is your special friend. – Jim Morrison in the song "When the music's over" by #TheDoors 🎹 I had a dream in which #JimMorrison was this beach god, his face beautiful and big on the sunset sky – frail – he was crying at some point and I said Jim, look. These are some #sea creatures, they looked very much alive and wet. Then I said: this is how you make your parents dissappear – within yourself – and the sea creatures became old and dry. Jim was watching me from above, I was trying to help him/me and I took the dead creatures in my hands and showed him how easily they were turning into dust – see, Jim? See, Raluca? This is how you get rid of the abusive parents in your head. #superego You can become your own #goodparent, that is what I was talking in #therapy this week, and then this dream. It has little to do with your ACTUAL parents, biological or not. It is just about being gentle with the child within and turn your mean #innervoices into #understanding & #encouraging ones. ••• No rush. It takes time and you should focus on recognizing your own #rythm. ☺ •••And then this classic leather jacket from the 80s & yesterday's sun; another day spent with you, @vivisectie.🖤 •••Photography by Vivian Dünger #visualartist | Model & styling: Raluca Roșu #aestheticscreator | #secondhand bought, yet #vintage jacket for only 16$ | #ralucarosu #viviandünger | #dailytutliputli #yoursdaily | #portrait #vsco #vscocam 📸 | #January 2018 #Bucharest

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