Fashion on film(5) at Soirées de la Mode, walking for female RO designer Isabelle Vijiiac

0000181. PART ONE :

THIS IS A PICTURE on 35mm film V. TOOK AFTER THE FASHION SHOW WAS OVER. It features Romanian female designer Isabelle Vijiiac with her 4 models still wearing her Constantin Brâncuși themed capsule collection INSPIRED by the RO sculptor’s different and extravagant female lovers he took while he was living and creating in Paris. P.S: hats by RO FEMALE HATTER EXTRAORDINAIRE Gabriela Dumitran. [secretly wished I had worn one, though not with my 1920s black silk dress].


#SoiréesdelaMode XIX

••• Dress: @atelier_isabelle_vijiiac 
••• Basket courtesy of @lesvacancesdirina / @irimoro 🖤
••• Earrings by @iuliana_asoltanei ✔
••• @marcjacobs flats styled by Isabelle ••• Haircut of my life by the talented @costa_st#architectofhair 🔛 [ get a closer look at the WHOLE LOOK IN THE BELOW]


  • wearing an ATELIER ISABELLE VIJIIAC DRESS, STYLED BY ISABELLE VIJJIAC – OTHER CREDITS ARE GIVEN ABOVE \ I am a model who brought her MJ flats. THE REST IS Isabelle’s vision. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to walm my NY walk on an actual CATWALK! #femalepower #feminism #togetherwework 


prose- poem by Carl Sandburg, American-Swedish poet)

Brancusi is a galoot; he saves tickets to take him nowhere; a galoot with his baggage ready and no time table; ah yes, Brancusi
is a galoot; he understands birds and skulls so well, he knows the
hang of the coils and plaits on a woman’s head, he knows them so
far back he knows where they came from and where they are
going; he is fathoming down for the secrets of the first and the
oldest makers of shapes.
Let us speak with loose mouths to-day not at all about Brancusi
because he has hardly started nor is hardly able to say the name
of the place he wants to go when he has time and is ready to start; 0 Brancusi, keeping hardwood planks around your doorsteps in
the sun waiting for the hardwood to be harder for your hard hands
to handle, you Brancusi with your chisels and hammers, birds
going to cones, skulls going to eggs-how the hope hugs your
heart you will find one cone, one egg, so hard when the earth turns
mist there among the last will be a cone, an egg.
Brancusi you will not put a want ad in the papers telling God it
will be to His advantage to come around and see you; you will not
grow gabby and spill God earfuls of prayers; you will not get fresh
and familiar as if God is a next-door neighbor and you have
counted His shirts on a clothes line; you will go on stammering,
stuttering and mumbling or you will be silent as a mouse in a
church garret when the pipe organ is pouring ocean waves on the
sunlit rocks of ocean shores; if God is saving a corner for any
battling bag of bones, for you, there will be one
for you, Brancusi. 

  • the fashion show was not about being first row, but rather raw









  • rehearsals in front of MIRRORS or people while wearing my own #secondhand trench coat & vintage Viv’s mother dress. A MODEL, YES – but my own self, STILL, YES, I am ALWAYS dressed to impress, I could not have been LESS and I had to digress…





Photography on film by Vivian Dünger #visualartist

See other #fashiononfilm photo shoots here

(part 1) Model Raluca Roșu is wearing an ATELIER ISABELLE VIJIIAC DRESS, STYLED BY ISABELLE VIJJIAC – analogue behind the scenes & fashion show images for female RO designer Isabelle V.

  • Minolta Dynax 300si, #35mm Kodak ColorPlus 200 #filmphotography

(part 2) STYLING BY model, muse & #aestheticscreator Raluca Roșu

  • this is actually aimpromptu analogue editorial about a #trenchcoat & RR, after all!
  • follow team #dailytutliputli on Instagram here

Location: Athénée Palace Hilton Bucharest| Spring | #March 2018

  • here ar 4 pictures taken on digital cameras, for a different look at what Isabelle Vijjiac has created #capsulecollection 

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